It’s cheaper now

Singer sewing machines from 1964 at �100 each.
Singer sewing machines from 1964 at �100 each.
Portsmouth in 1717 (from William Gates History of Portsmouth, 1900)

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I know many items on sale today are a lot cheaper than when they first appeared on the market.

Microwave ovens, for example. My wife paid more than £100 for her first top-of-the-range microwave. Now you can get one for just £25.

One item that caught my eye was these Singer sewing machines on sale in 1964 at 95 guineas – that’s 15p short of £100. I went on the internet and found the same quality machine doing several different stitches for just £94 and this is 50 years later.

Hire purchase was the rage, paying 15s 4d (75p) a week for three years. It must have broken some people.