John plans Thorney reunion

The 'magnificent seven' reunited at Thorney Island

The 'magnificent seven' reunited at Thorney Island

A Pompey forward heads the ball towards the Milton goal.  (Barry Cox collection)

From the heat of Egypt to blackberrying at Leigh Park

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When John McGregor wrote Fairy Tales of an SAC about his five years in the Royal Air Force at Thorney Island in the late 1960s, he had no idea it would put him back in touch with so many from those days.

Last year I featured John’s story as he set about organising a reunion at Thorney when 88 ‘old’ lads and lasses turned up for the reunion.

He’s doing it all again this Saturday between 12pm and 6pm and anyone with a Thorney connection from that era is welcome.

But they must contact John via or phone 00346 0008 8341 to provide names and car details to be allowed through the army-manned barrier.

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