Just who is who in the class of ’57?

The girls of Brockhurst Junior School, Gosport in 1957.
The girls of Brockhurst Junior School, Gosport in 1957.
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Sent in by Beryl House (nee Kent), this photo shows the girls of Brockhurst Junior School in 1957.

Beryl, who still lives at Gosport, tells me she is celebrating her 45th wedding anniversary this year. She is in the third row fourth from the left.

There are 35 girls here and not a teachers assistant in sight. From the top row to the bottom (l to r) we have:

Lesley Kemp, Wendy Miller, Marie Jeffries, Lind ?, Lesley Pullinger, ?, Shirley Bishop, Brenda Middleton.

Second row from top - Miss Jackson, ?, Amanda Bennett, Jacquiline Trickett, Angela Marsh, Rhona Wigmore, ?, Elizabeth Jarman, ?, ?.

Third row from top - June Englefield, Jennifer ?, ?, Beryl Kent, ?, Vicky Capps, Leslie Horton, ?.

Bottom row - Jean ?, Jennifer Riste, Susan Staply, Rosemary Blackledge, Janet Long, ?, Susan Riste, Margarete ?