Last of park parade

The Princess Anne was the fourth SRN4 built at BHC Cowes. The other five  were: The Princess Margaret, Swift, Sure, The Sir Christopher and The Prince of Wales.

Hovercraft that crossed Channel in 40 minutes with 400 passengers

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Just to finish off our tales of the Leigh Park shopping centre Park Parade. Denis Willis tells me that he often visited Rentaset to complain that his television had yet again broken down.

He says that the old valve sets often ran hot and were a fire risk.

Leigh Park had its first bank located in Basing Road, The National Provincial Bank was a small branch with an open desk and short counter. No security whatsoever and queues would form on a Saturday morning.

Denis says he was a delivery boy at the time for an off-licence and would take the week’s takings, about £200, to the bank in a Smith’s crisp tin on his bike! It was quite heavy with all that copper.

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