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John Grant from Airstrip sandblasting Butser Ancient Farm's Roman villa. The villa is in desperate need of renovation, and work to improve facilities have already begun.

CAPTION: John Grant from Airstrip working on the Roman villa.

Work commences on ancient Roman villa

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I was recently asked if anyone could remember a sailing barge by the name of Justice moored up somewhere in Milton Creek.

It appears not, as my regular correspondent Eddie Wallace tells me that he resided in Salterns Avenue until 1939 and he cannot remember any vessel of that name.

Eddie tells me that there was the ill-fated Zabrina close by and The Diamond moored in Velder Creek.

The Zabrina was towed away in the 1950s when the creek was being filled with the city’s rubbish. She became grounded at Eastney and after two or three years was given a Viking finish and burned.

There were no vessels on the northern side of Milton Lake alongside the eastern Road until 1946 when a few Second World War torpedo boats were purchased and made into homes.

One was owned by Constable Paul McGrath and Eddie’s dad made a gangway for it.

Prior to the war there were First World War torpedo boats moored at the top of Warren Avenue and when Milton Lake was filled in, several ended up on the River Hamble.

Eddie’s brother confirms that both Diamond and Zabrina were used as playgrounds when they were all lads – until they were chased off by the watchman.

Thank you Eddie.

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