Motorway network begins to take shape

The A3M looking north circa 1977.
The A3M looking north circa 1977.
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Adventure park - These boys were digging holes to install one of the constructions which will be built in the adventure playground at Arundel Street, Portsmouth (0739-2)

THIS WEEK IN 1976: Landport children to make their own adventure playground

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Here we see a marvellous shot of the A3(M) motorway under construction.

As the section from Bedhampton to Horndean was begun in December 1976 and completed in November 1979, I guess this shot was taken in about 1977.

To the bottom is the roundabout at Bedhampton with the wide-arched bridge carrying Portsdown Hill Road above it. To the left is Farlington and to the right the road leads to Bedhampton.

Next is the footbridge from Little Park, Bedhampton, to the college and then the Purbrook Way bridge.

The actual road over the roundabout at Bedhampton has only just been started.

How time flies. I can’t believe this road opened nearly 35 years ago.

This picture was kindly loaned to me by Edith Woodhouse, from Cosham.