New curved track built

Gosport Road station, 1925
Gosport Road station, 1925
Opening of the new school by the home secretary in October 1927. The headmaster, Canon Barton, is on the lowest step, on the left. Dorothea Barton is possibly there, somewhere. (PGS Archive)

NOSTALGIA: A red bluestocking at Portsmouth Grammar School

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Trains for Stokes Bay originally went to Gosport Station and then shunted out backwards.

To avoid this a new curved section of track was built, coming into operation on June 1, 1865.

On the same day a new station, Stoke Road, was opened. It later became known as Gosport Road. In 1889 the platforms were lengthened.

This unusual view, taken in 1925, shows the ‘up’ platform looking south.