On this day...Portsmouth farms auctioned

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On this day in 1845 two farms of 310 acres at Milton and Eastney, Portsmouth, were auctioned by Crook, Son and Diaper at the George Hotel, High Street, Portsmouth.

The farms had belonged to Lady Henderson Durham and covered the area east of what is now Winter Road and south of what is now Locksway Road.

The farms boasted spacious barns and stables, piggeries, cattle houses and waggon sheds.

Eastney Farm covered 146 acres of ‘remarkably rich land’ and was available as one lot as ‘a fine investment’, while the Milton estate was divided into 27 lots which varied in size from three to 15 acres.

The land fetched more than £100 an acre, a large amount for arable land – John Sadden’s The Portsmouth Book of Days.