Passing through the three-quarter-mile long Ventnor tunnel

Ventnor Station after 1966
Ventnor Station after 1966
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How many of you remember going on holiday to Ventnor and the time it took to get there?

For some out-of-towners it meant a train to the Harbour station, a steamer to Ryde Pier Head, then a steam-hauled train all the way across the island to Ventnor.

The ferry left the Harbour at 9.15am arriving at Ryde at 9.45am. The train left the Pier Head at 10.10 reaching Ventnor at 10.52 in time for lunch.

But the best bit was the thrill of passing through the three-quarter-mile long tunnel under St Boniface Down, with all windows closed of course. The smoke and soot from the engine would get into your eyes and clothes if windows were left open. And then there was the delight of breaking into the sunlight and pulling into Ventnor Railway Station (the remains are pictured above). From there one had that long winding drop to the town and the fantastic beach.