Photo shows a world that has long since vanished

The same scene pictured before the First World War
The same scene pictured before the First World War
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This lovely shot taken before the First World War shows a corner of England that was forever peaceful until the coming of the motor car.

We are in Horndean looking south down the Havant Road, with Blendworth Lane going out to the left. Behind the photographer the old A3 runs north towards Petersfield.

The photo of Horndean as it is now

The photo of Horndean as it is now

Judging by the hats the boys and girls are wearing, it must be high summer. The girls are taking babies out in their perambulators, seemingly without a care in the world.

The children have all grown up and long since gone of course, but the building remains the same (although Bettesworth the ironmonger is no longer there).

In the modern view the shop is now a hairdressers. The railing fixed to the top of the wall could have disappeared during the Second World War for scrap metal.

Unfortunately modern street signs and lamp standards stopped me making an exact copy as I had to stand several feet to the right of the original photographer.

Thanks to Paul Costen ( for use of the old photo.