Plane crash at Leigh Park

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In the early evening of December 24, 1940, three Beaufort bombers took off from Thorney Island RAF base.

This time they did not have a deadly load on board, but were full of mail for servicemen in Gibraltar.

The bombers circled the area and through some unrecorded fault one of them crashed in flames in an area east of the Petersfield Road, Leigh Park, just north of what was then West Leigh crossroads.

When Leigh Park was built the location became known as Prospect Farm but I believe it now all comes under West Leigh.

The location of the crash was at what is now the junction of Forestside Avenue and Whitsbury Road.

The four, possibly five-man crew, all died at the scene.

There was nothing recorded in the Evening News of the time for obvious reasons.

I know it was 74 years ago but I wonder if any reader has any knowledge of the incident?

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