Price of a pint will end up £10

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In 1970 in the Duke of Devonshire or the Fifth Hants Volunteer in Albert Road, Southsea, I used to pay 1s 10d, say 10p in modern money, for a brown and mild.

This was usually two-thirds of a pint of mild and a half-bottle of brown ale on the side. It was usually called a brown split.

In 1986 I was living in Elphinstone Road, Southsea, and paid about 90p for a pint of best bitter in the Osbourne. I am now paying between £2.50 and £3.50 for a pint. Call it £3 which is 30 times more than I paid in 1970. It is far more in London pubs.

On this reckoning, in the year 2045 it will cost more than £10 for a pint of best, a sum not worth thinking about.No doubt all the pubs will be closed by that

time and the brewing industry will have come to an end.

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