Queen Victoria’s funeral raises issue of correct medal-wearing etiquette

Opening of the new school by the home secretary in October 1927. The headmaster, Canon Barton, is on the lowest step, on the left. Dorothea Barton is possibly there, somewhere. (PGS Archive)

NOSTALGIA: A red bluestocking at Portsmouth Grammar School

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While on the subject of funerals, I was watching the 1901 funeral of Queen Victoria to see if the film showed where the sailors took over the traces of the gun carriage after the horses had been spooked.

I noticed that all the guardsmen and other military personnel in the procession were wearing their medals on the right breast.

I know it is the custom these days that if wearing medals of a deceased relative they are worn unofficially on the right, but I wondered if back then it was the custom for men who had been awarded medals to also wear them on the right. Anyone know why?