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Harold Lloyd with time on his hands.
Harold Lloyd with time on his hands.
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Nursery - Mrs J Hargreaves, supervisor, plays with some of the children at the nursery school. (0711-1)

THIS WEEK IN 1976: Leigh Park nursery planning its closure

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Before the Second World War Portsmouth people were spoilt for choice for entertainment venues.

In 1924 the Theatre Royal, Commercial Road, featured a ‘startling play’ called Outward Bound while across the road in the Hippodrome a new song and dance show, The Honeymoon Girl starring George Carney and Barbara Babington, was drawing the crowds. At the Kings Theatre ‘the laugh of the century’, Tons of Money, was playing. At the Colosseum in Edinburgh Road, Jack Warman, Fred Crooke, Evelyn Kirby and Peggy James starred in Top Speed. At the Princes Theatre in Lake Road a non-stop revusical The Sleigh Bells was popular.

But what about the ‘pictures’, as we used to call it? At the Victoria Hall, Rex Ingram’s Scaramouche was showing. The publicity said it was the greatest achievement in the history of kinematography.

At the Arcade Harold Lloyd was defying health and safety in Safety Last seemingly hanging on to clock faces hundreds of feet in the air.

At the Trafalgar in Arundel Street Bryan Washborn was in A House Full and at the North End Cinema, Charles Jones was appearing in Impersonations.

At the Apollo, Albert Road, the strangely titled What Price? Loving Cup was showing starring Violet Hopson as a jockey in danger of being kidnapped.