Rocks of ages have formed own marine microclimate

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In 1949 Portsmouth’s Holiday Guide described the Rock Gardens at Southsea thus: ‘...adjoining the promenade, provide an ideal and picturesque setting for those who seek peace and beauty – as dusk descends fairy lamps glow amidst the foliage, the fountain and waterfall are illuminated and one feels that here indeed is an earthly fairyland.’

Nine years later the late Lawrence Chambers captured the essence of the seafront gardens with these pictures which were sent to me by his son-in-law Bob Powell.

The Rock Gardens in 1958

The Rock Gardens in 1958

A year ago Remember When featured a book by retired chartered librarian and keen gardener Jackie Baynes, tracing the history of the gardens which have attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors since they were laid out at the end of the 1920s.