Roll up! Just 1d to cross the
harbour from Gosport for a cycling event

The Hard and terminus, Gosport
The Hard and terminus, Gosport
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Some kind of bicycling event seems to be going on in Gosport or perhaps across the water in Portsmouth, in this shot of The Hard and terminus, Gosport.

For the chap with the mobile stall on the right is selling ‘cycling programmes’.

rw esp''Esplanade Gardens, Gosport

rw esp''Esplanade Gardens, Gosport

If it was something happening in the city, it would have cost only a penny (less than a halfpenny in today’s money) to take the ferry to Portsmouth, according to the sign on the ticket kiosk.

Note the towering chimney of Portsmouth power station looming in the distance over Old Portsmouth.

In the second picture, also of Gosport, there’s also a white-coated stallholder. It might be the same man, but this time he appears to be hawking food to those enjoying the sun in Esplanade Gardens.

These pictures come from the postcard collection of Raymond Wareham, of Redhouse Park Gardens, Gosport.