Seamstresses all banked together in the workroom

Seamstresses at work at Rowe and Co, High Street, Gosport, 1913-14
Seamstresses at work at Rowe and Co, High Street, Gosport, 1913-14
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The old tongue-twister ‘Sister Susie’s Sewing Shirts For Soldiers...’ comes to mind with these two pictures of seamstresses.

They were pictured in the workroom of Messrs Rowe and Co in High Street, Gosport, probably just before or shortly after the start of the First World War.

The tongue-twister was written in 1914 by RP Weston and was about the women who made shirts for the soldiers fighting in France.

The pictures were sent in by Roy Thompson of Berkeley Close, Hill Head, Fareham, who says one of the notices on the wall says Tailoring Trade.

‘I wonder what health and safety would make of this today?’ he said.

‘There is so much to see in these gems including the light bulbs with the painted glass on the end. I wonder if anybody recognises a family member?’

Roy’s other two pictures show the Gosport War Memorial Hospital in Bury Road.

The first, he reckons, could have been taken about 1910. ‘There was plenty of parking space then and it was free too,’ he said.

And of the 1926 Christmas picture, Roy added: ‘Not only could you eat your food off that floor, but it looks as if each man has a bottle of beer.’