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Several of you were able to help Angela Palmer with her query about Scarrs, the women’s fashion shop in Southsea.

Angela asked if anyone could remember it because her late mother worked there in the 1930s.

Christine Snelling got in touch to say it was on the block of Albert Road between Fawcett Road and Francis Avenue.

She says: ‘It was certainly there in the 1950s. The shop then became Victor Value (a supermarket) and this in turn became Tesco, which is still there today.’

Mrs R Emery, of Redbridge Grove, Bedhampton, says: ‘My auntie, Rose Daish (nee Miller) worked there. I used to spend my summer holidays with her and my gran when I was young.’

And Ernest Roberts, of Brompton Road, Southsea, remembered it too. He says: ‘The shop was one of a varied and really lovely range of shops when it used to be a real treat to go shopping in the Albert Road, Highland Road and Elm Grove area.

‘We could buy literally anything we wanted – if we could afford it.’