Sinking of the Mary Rose

A reversal of the present weather, here we see traffic at a standstill on the summit of Portsdown Hill, 1941.

We’re now on the slippery slope to winter, so here’s a reminder from Portsmouth

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On this day in 1545 the French fleet appeared at Spithead and the Mary Rose sank. This record of the disaster was written in 1587:

‘...the navie of the Englishmen made out and purposed to sette on the Frenchmen, but in setting forward through so much follie, one of the Kynges shippes called the Mary Rose, was drowned in the middest of the haven by reason that she was over laden with ordinance, and had the portes lette open, whiche were very lowe, and the great artillerie unbreeched, so that when the ship could tourne, the water entred, and suddainely shee sunke’ – from John Sadden’s The Portsmouth Book of Days.

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