Southsea maternity home pictures

A picture believed to show the Lord Mayor of Portsmouth, Denis Daly, visiting Marchants Hill, 1940

Six evacuees killed as mortar exploded in camp dormitory

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Matt Tozer was born in Eddystone Maternity Home (circled) at 24, Festing Road, Southsea, in 1965, and he wonders if any readers have a photograph of it.

He says: ‘The building disappeared about five years later and I have never seen a picture of it.

‘I have drawn a blank at the History Centre in the library, both through my own research and with the professional help of the staff. The closest I can get is this aerial shot from about 1928 but it’s too distant to be of any real value.

‘There must have been a fair few people born in the Eddystone during its 20 or so years in Festing Road.’

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