Southsea’s Coastguard Station

An aerial view of South Parade dated 1928.
An aerial view of South Parade dated 1928.
Portsmouth in 1717 (from William Gates History of Portsmouth, 1900)

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Seen in the centre of this shot is the former site of the Southsea Coastguard Station opposite South Parade Pier.

The photo was taken circa 1928 and the iron girders are the foundations of what was to be the Savoy Ballroom.

To the rear can be seen some cottages used for coastguard staff.

There was very little traffic about during this period, although a tram can be seen making its way west past the South Parade steps.

Much of the housing seen here is still in situ as most of the bombing from the last war was to the west of this spot.

One strange thing. The beach to the east of the pier is crowded, but this side isn’t.