Southsea’s new beach

Tents on the 'new' Southsea beach.
Tents on the 'new' Southsea beach.
HMS Havant 1939 to 1940:

Battle Honours: Atlantic 1940, Dunkirk 1940.

The short but heroic life of a destroyer – a Dunkirk victim

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This postcard, sent in by Jackie Baynes, states that this is the ‘new’ beach at Southsea.

I don’t know what they meant by ‘new’.

Perhaps it should have read ‘nude’. Probably not, for this was the late 1940s.

I was going to say that as summer fades these tents would not be of much use, but with the weather we have been having these last few weeks, a real Indian summer, these tents would have been very useful.

Does anyone remember them, or why it was called the ‘new’ beach?