Submariners fly to catch up

rw boxing memorial


Part of the memorial to be unveiled in Guildhall Square next Sunday at 2pm.

Seconds out! Long-awaited tribute to Portsmouth boxers to be unveiled

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On this day in 1934 The Times reported that two submariners who had just returned from China had missed their train from Waterloo to Portsmouth because they had left their group ‘to seek refreshments’.

Their group, which numbered 150, were due back at the submarine depot at Fort Blockhouse, Gosport.

The two submariners immediately hailed a cab and drove to Croydon where they chartered a plane which flew them to the newly-opened Portsmouth Airport.

They then phoned Portsmouth Harbour railway station to hear that their fellow submariners had just arrived and were about to cross the harbour.

They then took a taxi from the airport to Gosport ‘and had the satisfaction of joining their comrades as they marched into Fort Blockhouse’ – extract taken from John Sadden’s The Portsmouth Book of Days.