Tales of Fogdens and Fratton Road

Hazel on the right and Pam who worked for Harold Springett
Hazel on the right and Pam who worked for Harold Springett
Portsmouth in 1717 (from William Gates History of Portsmouth, 1900)

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On March 3 I wrote a story mentioning Fogden’s drapery shop in Somers Road, Southsea, which brought back some memories for Hazel Whitcher nee Briggs of the time she worked in Fratton Road.

Hazel left school in 1954 and her mother took her to Fratton Road for an interview for a job at Audrey’s, a ladies’ dress shop run by Audrey Springett.

Audrey and Harold Springett

Audrey and Harold Springett

The shop was next to her husband Harold’s shop, called Musical Homes. Hazel was one of the first employees taken on for the new dress shop.

‘I learned so much from Audrey that stood me in good stead in years to come,’ Hazel remembers.

She cannot remember Audrey’s shop in Somers Road and so thinks she might have moved from there to Fratton Road. When a customer needed something and Audrey never had it, a phone call was made to Fogden’s to see if they would have it in stock. Then Hazel was sent off to pick it up.