Tend a grave and connect with the First World War

A war grave in Milton Cemetry
A war grave in Milton Cemetry
You might struggle with this scene but it is in fact looking across Waite Street, Cosham. The tram is heading for Spur Road.  Picture: Barry Cox Collection

NOSTALGIA: When trams ran through the fire station’s offices at Cosham

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Gerry O’Brien, the Portsmouth Cemeteries manager, is hoping schools and individuals will adopt war graves in the city.

As you know, next year is the centenary of the beginning of the First World War and Gerry has asked me to let you know about the idea that has been in his mind for some time.

He would like the children of schools in the area to adopt a grave.

There might be a grave of a soldier, sailor or airman, perhaps with the same surname although not a family member.

There might be someone who once lived in the street where the school or child is located.

And teachers might like to teach pupils about the losses of the war and be connected to someone who is buried nearby.

Whatever, if you would like to get involved in this scheme in some way then please contact me by e-mail and I will let Gerry know.