Thank you for the music

Alan Sanger and his cousin Audrey (with their backs to the camera) are in the centre of this historic blitz picture taken at Fratton.

Bomb site boy is revealed, 76 years after blitz on Portsmouth

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I happened to turn on the television last week and caught a woman ‘singing’, or at least that’s what it appeared to be. In reality it was someone screaming and shouting down a microphone.

This was apparently the winner of a competition called The Voice. Well, I’m sorry but she did nothing for me.

Go to YouTube and put in Dusty Springfield singing Give Me Time. That is what singing popular songs is all about, in my humble opinion.

Yes, I know it’s different days and different ways. But the three minutes of Dusty singing epitomises what the British Queen of Soul was all about. She would have knocked these so-called singers on The Voice, X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent out of sight.

Just listen to the orchestration, the arrangement and her wonderful voice carry a song with feeling such as Give Me Time. No shouting or screaming, just pure, amazing singing. Wonderful. How she is missed.

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