The Buriton Well

Robert Robinson at the Grammar school
Robert Robinson at the Grammar school
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Two weeks ago I asked if anyone knew of a well beside the railway line north of Buriton tunnel near Petersfield.

Dave Tipper, 74, from Lovedean wrote in to say that he grew up in Buriton and that there was a very deep well on the up side of the railway line.

There was a pumping station close by which pumped water to the village. On the opposite side of the tracks on the down side (but going up the gradient towards the tunnel) there was a pond which Dave thinks is still there.

This was possibly called The Wooldrift but he’s not sure if the spelling is correct.

n You may remember me telling you a few weeks ago about the death of the military author Richard Holmes, well known for his War Walks television programmes.

Eddie Wallace, a mean expert on military history himself, especially the Normandy campaign, sent me this photo of the evening when Richard gave a talk at Portsmouth Grammar School in Old Portsmouth.