The fastest milkcart

Before culverts were installed the Lavant used to run through Havant town centre. Here is a 1914 view along West Street.

Rising of the winter streams which causes havoc in villages

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On this day in 1892, John Walker was convicted of driving the fastest milkcart in Southsea.

Walker, a milkman, of East Street, appeared before magistrates charged with ‘furious driving’ in Blackfriars Road.

Inspector Moss identified the defendant as the driver of a four-wheeled milk van. He was ‘holding the reins loosely and the horse was at stretch gallop’ in a road where there were children around.

Walker said the horse ran away with him, but his story was not believed and he was fined 10 shillings (50p) – John Sadden’s The Portsmouth Book of Days.

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