The men from the ministry arrive at Bedhampton

The men from the ministry arriving at Daedalus III.
The men from the ministry arriving at Daedalus III.

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This picture shows important looking men, perhaps from some ministry or other, on the parade ground of the former naval establishment HMS Daedalus III at Bedhampton.

The camp, a satellite from HMS Daedalus, Lee-on-the-Solent, comprised Nissen huts used by ratings. The officers used the brick-built part of the camp.

To the left can be seen the kerb of the saluting base where the flagpole stood.

After the navy left, the camp was taken over by displaced persons from Europe who stayed there before moving on to other parts of Britain.

After they left, the huts were used by local civilians who had nowhere to live and was a type of transition site while waiting for Leigh Park estate to be built.

However, the officers’ quarters were to be used as a school.

But I have no date for the photograph.

It could have been taken just after the navy left and the men are seeing if it was good enough for displaced persons.

It might also be a little later when they might be men from the Ministry of Education hoping the buildings would be good enough to be used as a school, Stockheath.

Much more about the camps can be read in my book The Naval Camps of Bedhampton, Havant and Leigh Park which should be available at your local library.