The village on the island with own canal and locks

Bait digging at Milton Locks in 1967
Bait digging at Milton Locks in 1967

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Like the rest of Portsmouth, Milton has seen many changes over the years.

Much loved public houses the Traveller’s Joy and the White House have both been demolished.

Crossing the canal outside the White House

Crossing the canal outside the White House

All the new housing has, of course, brought more and more cars which all need somewhere to park making local roads busier and busier.

Parking around the back streets is always at a premium. It was once called Milton village and still is by older local residents.

Here are a couple of photographs of the Milton area from years gone by.

The inset picture we see a scene long-gone from the Portsmouth area.

It is of the bridge that once crossed the Portsmouth canal outside the White House pub which stood on the junction of Goldsmith Avenue, Eastney Road and Milton Road.

The painting is signed ‘E Robins 1880’ and once hung in the White House that was recently demolished. I wonder what became of that painting?

The main picture shows an un-changing scene around the shores of Portsea Island – men and boys digging for bait.

In this picture a couple of lads are bait-digging at the entrance to Milton Locks in 1967.

The canal ran straight to the White House then dog-legged before going down what is now Goldsmith Avenue.

It then ran through what is now the railway cutting from Fratton Bridge to Arundel Street.

When I was a lad, and until recent years, a front garden in a house along Goldsmith Avenue still showed signs of the canal bank.