Third cinema in Cosham

You might struggle with this scene but it is in fact looking across Waite Street, Cosham. The tram is heading for Spur Road.  Picture: Barry Cox Collection

NOSTALGIA: When trams ran through the fire station’s offices at Cosham

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My article on {|cinemas in Portsmouth on March 9} attracted the attention of Charles Frost of Clanfield.

I said that there were two cinemas in Cosham, but Charles remembers when there was a third before the war.

He tells me it was called the Waverley and was located next to the drive that led up to the stables behind the George & Dragon public house in the High Street.

The picture house was taken over by the fire brigade during the war and later became part of the Woolworth’s building.

I must admit I never knew of this cinema. Does anyone have a photograph in their collection?