THIS WEEK IN 1979: Action taken to keep trains rolling

Rail fares are unjust says Sophie

Rail fares are unjust says Sophie

Before culverts were installed the Lavant used to run through Havant town centre. Here is a 1914 view along West Street.

Rising of the winter streams which causes havoc in villages

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Last-minute efforts were set to be made in a week’s time to avert more misery for thousands of London commuters and other travellers on British Rail’s Southern Region.

With some Southern Region train drivers threatening to stage one-day stoppages, rail unions were set to meet management on Tuesday January 9.

Hope – which was only faint at the time – was that the meeting would lead to a formula being found to satisfy the drivers’ bonus demands.

Failure would signal the go-ahead for threatened strikes in Southern Region’s south-west division on Wednesday, January 10 and January 17.

Other divisions were also expected to carry out unofficial action, and, if no agreement was to be reached, sanctions may be enforced – banning overtime and rest-day working.

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