Touch of the English Riviera at... Havant

West Street, Havant, in the 1930s.

West Street, Havant, in the 1930s.

A survivor from the Type 42 destroyer HMS Coventry tells of his experience to Prince Charles during his visit to Haslar in 1982. Portsmouth-based Coventry was sunk by Argentine Air Force A4 Skyhawks on May 25, 1982, during the Falklands war

Memories needed of the UK’s last naval hospital – Haslar

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When I first glanced at this picture I thought it was Torquay because of those palm trees outside the churchyard.

It is in fact West Street, Havant, looking east towards the crossroads with North and South streets in the 1930s, I believe.

The railings around the churchyard wall went with the war, but the buildings to the left are still there as is the, now closed, pub.

The chemist is still trading under the name of Davies.

The street is now pedestrianised from behind the cameraman although the section seen allows traffic to enter Homewell and the Robin Hood pub.

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