Tribute to yodelling train driver

The late Freddie Garnham.
The late Freddie Garnham.
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A well-known former British Railways/South West Trains driver has died.

Freddie Garnham lived at Liphook all his life and after service in the Royal Navy he joined the railway at Guildford loco depot in 1958 as a cleaner.

Freddie was what is now becoming impossible to find on the railway since the banning of banter, a character.

Enter any drivers’ room from Fratton to Waterloo and ask for driver Taylor, Smith or Jones from another depot and you might receive blank looks.

Go into the same depots and ask if anyone had seen Freddie Garnham and everyone, but everyone, would know who you were talking about.

A staunch Pompey supporter and reader of this newspaper, Freddie saw out steam locomotion in 1967 and worked in the electric and diesel world before retiring in 1997.

He was always known for hanging out of his cab and yodelling at the passengers as the steam engine passed through a station.

His funeral last week was packed with many former workmates.