Welcome for round-the-world yachtsman

You might struggle with this scene but it is in fact looking across Waite Street, Cosham. The tram is heading for Spur Road.  Picture: Barry Cox Collection

NOSTALGIA: When trams ran through the fire station’s offices at Cosham

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On this day in 1968 a crowd of 200,000 people gathered on the seafront and lined the streets of Portsmouth and Southsea to welcome round-the-world yachtsman Alec Rose at the end of his 28,500-mile journey.

He stepped ashore at 12.33pm and hugged and kissed his wife Dorothy, with whom he ran a greengrocer’s at 38 Osborne Road, Southsea.

During the epic voyage he faced a succession of gales, nearly lost a mast in the Southern Ocean and was knocked unconscious by fumes when repairing a leaking exhaust – from John Sadden’s The Portsmouth Book of Days.