Chipper’s looking for a funky new T-shirt

09-10-10 WEK Chipper REP: SF'Blank t shirt template

09-10-10 WEK Chipper REP: SF'Blank t shirt template

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Hello there Chipsters and welcome to this week’s Chipper Club page

There’s plenty of things for you to see and do here today – including a very special Chipper Club challenge.

The weather has been a bit funny of late. One minute they predict snow and the next they’re telling us it will be sunny.

I love all kinds of weather. Splashing in puddles is great fun but I also love basking in the warmth of the sunshine.

Lucky for me, spring is definitely on its way and that means we’ll all be wearing T-shirts soon!

To make sure I look like the hottest dog in town, I’d like you to design me a cool new T-shirt.

Use the outline here on the right and make your design as eye-catching as possible.

Until next week, I’ll say chip chip for now! Love Chipper

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