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TOMORROW we’re giving readers a unique insight into how The News is put together.

We’re running a live blog at, which will tell the story of how the following day’s paper is put together.

It will start with the first person arriving at the office in the morning and only end when the last page is sent to the press.

Reporters, photographers, newsdesk and sport will post details of what they are up to inside the office and when out on jobs throughout the day.

And if you want to give your views or ask a question, the blog will be open for submissions between noon and 2pm.

We’re also looking forward to hearing what you consider to be the important issues in your community when The News visits a branch of Tesco near you.

We will be in the stores from midday to 2pm each day this week with reporters manning the stand ready to hear your news and views, which could be used for the paper.

Tomorrow, we’ll be at Tesco, in Havant.

On Wednesday we’re at the store at North Harbour, Portsmouth.

On Thursday the trailer will be at Whiteley Tesco.

And on Friday we’ll be at the store in Fareham.

Come down and have a chat with us.

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