How to cook trout, just like Dad didn’t used to make

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Chef Lawrence makes a delicious trout dish inspired by memories of family.

For several years my parents lived in the beautiful countryside of Wales running a small caravan park.

It was here that my father learnt how to fish for trout using a fly in the local streams.

At the beginning, many an hour was spent on the water with little return. However, as the years went on and his skills improved the catches increased.

He would tell us that he was catching more fish now that he made his own flies using local feathers he found on walks. We all knew he was a story teller though.

The family joked that my dad could write a recipe book called one hundred ways to cook a trout as every time we visited he came up with a new way to cook his bounty.

One year he served trout curry and he made a smoker out of an old water boiler.

As you can imagine trout for me brings back many memories.

I love to eat the delicate flesh of this fish which can be cooked in many ways, but I wouldn’t advise putting some curry paste on one though.

This fish has been farmed in Hampshire for years which means that we can get exceptionally fresh rainbow trout.

For this week’s recipe you will need to get the freshest fish you can find as no cooking is involved.

I will show you how to lightly cure the fillets to enhance the delicate flavour. We are serving the cured trout with fennel salad and sorrel juice.

Cured trout with fennel salad and sorrel juice

Ingredients (serves 4)

1 rainbow trout (filleted, pin boned and skinned)

Juice of one lime

50g salt

60g sugar

For the salad:

1 bulb fennel

Juice of half a lemon

Teaspoon of salt

For the juice:

200g sorrel leaf

Pinch of salt

125 ml water


1. Ask your fish monger to fillet and skin the trout.

2. Carefully remove the bones of the fish and rub the fillets with the lime juice.

3. Mix the salt and sugar together and sprinkle half onto a small tray.

4. Place the fillets on top of the mix and sprinkle the rest of the salt and sugar over the fish.

5. Cover with cling film and refrigerate for five hours.

6. Roughly chop the sorrel leaf and put into a liquidiser with the water and salt. Pulse at a high speed for one minute.

7. Pass the juice through a fine sieve and chill before serving.

8. Slice the fennel bulb as thinly as possible and sprinkle the salt and lemon juice over and leave for 20 minutes before using.

9. Wash the trout fillets in cold water and dab dry with paper tissue. Cut each fillet in two.

10. Put a small pile of fennel salad in a bowl, pour the sorrel juice around it and top with the trout.

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