LAWRENCE MURPHY: A cocktail to reflect the season

This daiquiri is the ultimate accompaniment for an al fresco meal or summer BBQ.
This daiquiri is the ultimate accompaniment for an al fresco meal or summer BBQ.
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Makes 4 cocktails

When the sun is shining and the skies are blue, I really enjoy eating outside in the garden.

Eating al fresco, for me, certainly means the barbecue coals are glowing and some form of meat has been in a marinade for a couple of hours. It’s a fantastic way to entertain friends as it’s relaxed and fairly easy to do.

A cocktail when they arrive will make your guests even more relaxed than the warm summer evening.

If you’re lucky, they might not even notice the slightly burnt red peppers that you forgot to turn on the coals.

Your cocktail, like the food you’re cooking, should reflect the season. As our shops are full of bright red strawberries, they make up the main ingredient of this drink.

This recipe is just shouting ‘summer’ with the sweetness of the strawberry and a little kick of lime – I’m sure your guests will be asking you for a refill.


16 strawberries

Tablespoon caster sugar

150ml white rum

75ml triple sec

Juice of one lime

8 ice cubes


1. De-stalk the strawberries and roughly chop them.

2. Add the strawberries to a blender with all the other ingredients.

3. Blend for 1 minute and pour into glasses.

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