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Cuvee Chasseur, Waitrose.

Cuvee Chasseur, Waitrose.

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I’m longing for spring and want something in the fridge to remind me of warmer days.

There’s nothing that does that better than a dry sherry served with tapas.

Tio Pepe (widely available about £10) is the definitive fino. Considering the volume it is produced in it is remarkable quality, light, bone dry and so versatile with food.

For a conversation piece, Villa Wolf Pinot Noir 2012, Pfalz (oddbins.com £12) is an attractive light-bodied red with cherry fruit, spicy notes and bight acidity. Yes, Germany really does make some lovely pinot noir.

This week’s Top Tipple is Waitrose’s Cuvée Chasseur, Vin de France. I rarely recommend a sub-£5 wine, but this easy-drinking, juicy red with loads of red berry flavour is definitely one. The white version, Cuvée Pêcheur, is good with citrus fruit. Both £4.99.

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