Console Corner: Dishonoured 2 review

An honour to play Dishonoured 2.

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Killing Floor 2 is a great zombie co-op blast

Console Corner: Killing Floor 2 review

Not just another zombie-fest.

The Last Guardian is a tale of love and friendship

Console Corner: Touching tale of friendship and trust

This December will see something of a new concept in video games with the release of PlayStation 4 exclusive The Last Guardian.

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The latest Call of Duty is good but but could have been so much more

Console Corner: Call of Duty Infinite Warfare review

Fast and furious but flawed.

You can almost smell the gunpowder in EAs excellent Battlefield 1

Console Corner: Battlefield 1 review

So good you can almost smell the gunpowder.

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Its official, Red Red Redemption is getting a much-craved sequel

Console Corner: Read Dead still very much alive

It’s official, six years after the release of the critically acclaimed Red Dead Redemption Rockstar have confirmed a sequel is on the way.

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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is out on November 4th

Console Corner: Things about to get beta for COD fans

The new Call of Duty is out in less than a month but fans can get a taste of the action this weekend as beta access goes live.

NBA 2K17  is a real spectacle

Console Corner: NBA 2K17 review

NBA 2K17 sparks chain reaction.

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FIFA 17 has come from behind to secure a high-scoring draw with PES2017

Console Corner: FIFA 17 review and PES battle verdict

FIFA rescues a thrilling score draw.

NHL 17  has something for those looking for nostalgic fun or serious hockey

Console Corner: NHL 17 review

NHL is looking puck-er again.

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A return to form for PES puts pressure on FIFA

Console Corner: Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 review

The beautiful game is back.

Can PES come out on top after a decade in FIFAs shadow?

Console Corner: Can PES come from behind to win?

It’s that time of year again when Konami and EA put their dukes up and get ready to punch it out in the battle for football game supremacy.

FIFA 17 headlines a busy September for video game releases

Console Corner: New FIFA headlines busy month

FIFA 17 headlines a busy if unspectactular September for video games releases.

There are so many options to negotiate each scenario

Console Corner: Deus Ex Mankind Divided review

Deus Ex has you spoilt for choice.

No Mans Sky is undeniably a work of art

Console Corner: No Man’s Sky review

Video game escapism in its purest form.

Steve Lowe

Back to the future for retro gaming fans

Whether it was a Nintendo 64, a Playstation or a Dreamcast, many of us had a console which kept us locked away for hours on end.

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King of Fighters XIV launches on August 26th

Console Corner: The King of Fighters lives on

The King of the Fighters is back in full 3D glory and with the biggest roster of combatants ever.

Inside is a worthy successor to the hit puzzler Limbo

A creepy but worthy successor coming to PlayStation 4

Good news for fans of spine-tingling, creepy puzzle platformers this week... because Inside - from the creators of the equally creepy Limbo - is coming to PlayStation 4.

There are so many options to negotiate each scenario

Deus Ex demands un-Divided attention

August promises to be a summer sizzler for video games.

The fastest game youll have ever experienced

Console Corner: 10 Second Ninja X

Blisteringly fast Ninja fun.

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