Globetrotting Road Dogg is coming to town

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He's travelled the globe, wrestled in some of the most famous arenas and, on Wednesday, The Road Dogg comes to Portsmouth.

Brian James, the man behind The Road Dogg character – pictured below, left with friend Billy Gunn – reveals he will be locking horns with Portsmouth's own UK Kid and promises it'll be 'a war'.

The UK Kid, who started his wrestling journey 10 years ago in Gosport and proclaims himself an International Superstar, will certainly have his work cut out as Brian Gerard James knows a thing or two about war.

As a sergeant of the US Marine Corps during Operation Desert Storm, he experienced it first-hand.

Upon leaving the Corps in 1993, he took up the family business and followed his father and three brothers into the world of professional wrestling.

'It was a heck of a change!' says Brian. 'I went from fighting in order to protect people to performing in fights in order to entertain people.

'Of course, I wouldn't dare compare going to war to getting into wrestling but trust is key.

'In the Corps, you've quickly got to learn to trust your fellow marines.

'You need to look out for each other or people get hurt and that's the same in wrestling,' he continues.

Joining the WWE (the world leader in Sports Entertainment) in 1994, he enjoyed an extended run with the company and featured in some of their most memorable moments.

As The Road Dogg, he held the WWE Tag Team Titles on numerous occasions, teaming with Billy Gunn as part of the 'New Age Outlaws'.

So we can expect fireworks from his debut with Portsmouth-based Varsity Pro Wrestling on Wednesday.

The show at Portsmouth Guildhall will see the Dogg alongside Bob Holly, Chris Andrews, The UK Kid and a host of other VPW superstars. For tickets (10 to 15) call (023) 9282 4355.