Produce for meal was grown a few feet away

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It has come to the point that I’m almost scared to water the courgettes. They are so overly productive that I fear that another drop of water might push them over the edge into serious monster-style proportions.

I do love, though, taking five steps from my back door, plucking a couple of the large green vegetables to then return to the kitchen and roast them in olive oil and garlic.

The other day I treated the family to roast courgettes, our own broad beans and fresh pasta, tossed with lemon juice, feta cheese and our own mint.

It was delicious, but made even more so by the fact that much of it was produced just a few feet from the oven.

It is probably lucky that our garden is small and grass-less or I would be looking into buying a couple of sheep so that I could produce my own feta.

Some may think that gardening is very much a ‘back-to-basics’ activity. No need for expensive gadgets or technology.

However, modern social networking helped me out last week when I was in search of a replacement butternut squash plant.

Mine had mysteriously disappeared, most probably into a snail’s stomach.

I posted a message on Facebook to the Southsea Greenhouse and within 24 hours they had sourced two plants ready for me to collect from their kiosk on the seafront.

They were then securely planted in the garden and I am happy to say that the snails have kept well away.