SOUTHSEA GREEN: I could get used to this walking thing

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In a week of flowers and exchanges of hearts, I took a rainy walk through the streets of Southsea in my recycled wellies.

I missed the rainbow but had a mug of tea in the Hunter Gatherer cafe on Highland Road.

I’m told by my friend Rachel that air quality is better if you’re walking alongside a car than inside it – research backs this up and highlights the benefits of walking and cycling.

Now, in a week when we’ve been showing the love for the climate, that’s good news.

I’ve been striding out lots lately as I’ve been unable to drive because of a broken finger.

It has struck me that the Portsmouth Friends of the Earth’s plans for a walking strategy are good for making us 1) cut pollution, 2) exercise, and 3) notice things as we take time to walk around. Why not try it!

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