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Volunteers for children’s gardening scheme wanted on Hayling Island

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Our allotment is brimming with enormous vegetables and ripe fruit.

But this autumnal bounty can be a bit overwhelming.

How fortunate that we can take our surplus along to the Southsea Greenhouse, where there are plenty of eager customers keen to buy locally-grown produce.

It’s been such a lovely hot summer that we have had far more Mediterranean vegetables than usual.

The glossy red tomatoes, deep purple aubergines, shiny green peppers and prolific courgettes make a wonderful ratatouille, which also freezes brilliantly.

 At our allotment show, we won first prize for courgettes so you can get a taste of award-winning vegetables if you shop at the Greenhouse.

In addition we’ve raised some lovely small melons outdoors.

Surprisingly, the hot weather has also produced some gigantic scarlet radishes, which are both crisp and very peppery.

You must not waste all this goodness. So make sure picking is followed by long sessions of preserving. How tiring autumn is!

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