Real Life

Real Life

Ghana trip changed Fareham couple’s lives

When Lloyd Clewer first visited Ghana in 2003, he had no idea what it would lead to.

Kieran believes Gordon Ramsay's vocabulary needs an overhaul

KIERAN HOWARD: It’s all ‘fiddlesticks’, ‘flip’ and ‘fudge cakes’ in our house now

Louie’s vocabulary is coming along wonderfully.

Nanna has had her first tattoo - Louie's name and date of birth on her wrist (File image)

KIERAN HOWARD: As our broods grow Nanna may run out of limbs to tattoo the grandchildren’s’ names on

St John Ambulance has advice if your baby goes into shock. Picture by Shutterstock.

FIRST AID: What to do if your baby goes into shock

St John Ambulance, the nation’s leading first aid charity, has teamed up with The News to bring you some simple but important first aid tips. This week: If your baby goes into shock

Kieran was injured by his toy hammer-wielding son
(File image. Credit: Shutterstock)

KIERAN HOWARD: A trip to the doctors thanks to a hammering from my little toddler

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Lloyds Bank's Amey Green and Stevens Services Ltd MD Ian Stevens with new machinery that's set to boost company turnover

Bathroom builder set to make up to £6 million

A PORTSMOUTH - based company is projected to achieve a £6m turnover after investing in advanced technology.

Annette McHugh with daughter Ellie      Picture:  Malcolm Wells (170626-1955)

It’s a family affair at the Aegon Southsea Trophy for the McHughs

A TENNIS-LOVING family will be serving at a major tournament.


‘Amazing’ couple complete mammoth 1,000-mile cycle to help young Denmead cancer sufferer

A KIND-HEARTED couple have completed a mammoth cycle ride to help a young cancer sufferer spend her Christmas holidays in New York.

REVIEW: Stavanger Girls’ Choir at Portsmouth Cathedral

REVIEW: Stavanger Girls’ Choir at Portsmouth Cathedral

In the programme notes for their ‘Lunchtime live’ concert, the Stavanger Cathedral Girls’ Choir from Norway describe how Reinald, the first Bishop of Stavanger, was originally a Benedictine monk from Winchester.

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‘I had to clear blood off the deck’ - a Falklands veteran’s memories

We can never imagine the horrors that our armed forces go through when they are fighting for their country in a war.

Real Life
Sam Bailey

REVIEW: Sam Bailey at the Kings Theatre

TV talent shows often receive criticism for catapulting unknowns to instant fame.

Gigs and Music
The first untethered balloon flight, by Rozier and the Marquis d'Arlandes on November 21, 1783
Picture: Wikipedia

STEVE CANAVAN:A rather depressing anniversary

As someone so petrified of flying, I inspect all the wheels before take-off and fret if the captain is too young – inexperienced, might mess up the landing – or too old - failing eyesight, may suffer heart-attack mid-flight – I viewed with horror the photographs of the plane that took off from Sydney for China the other day, then abruptly, if understandably, turned around when one of the engines blew up.


Young sisters taking on charity challenge

TWO girls are having their hair cut for charity.


WATCH: ‘I just try to enjoy the good days’

When Susie Stanbury was diagnosed with a rare and life-limiting condition, it turned her whole world upside down.

Real Life
Laminate flooring (WikiMedia: labeled for reuse): Our first child decided to enter the world on the day we had laminate flooring fitted

PAUL NEWELL: Having kids: Not ideal on the day you have your laminate flooring fitted...

The millennium bisected two of the happiest days of my life – namely the births of my children, James and Charlotte, in 1999 and 2001 respectively.

Ellie Milner, from the charity Arms Around the Child

‘These kids might not be alive without us’

Around the world there are millions of children in poverty, suffering from life-limiting illnesses, starving hungry and with little or no education.

Real Life
STEVE CANAVAN: The ‘thighs the limit’ at M&S

STEVE CANAVAN: The ‘thighs the limit’ at M&S

I was in Marks & Spencer (don’t worry, I’ve not gone all middle-class; Spar was closed), where I spent around 13 minutes – and I believe this neatly sums up how how thrilling my life is – studying the best-before dates on various pieces of chicken.

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Lynne and Trevor Stallard from Gosport, have been overwhelmed by local visitors,gifts and cards after their car crash in Scotland.

Picture: Gary Anthony / Scottish Provincial Press

Family thanks kind strangers who came to couple’s aid

WHEN Gosport couple Trevor and Lynne Stallard were badly injured in a car accident in Scotland, they were hundreds of miles away from most of their family.

A vigil was held for the victims of the Manchester bombing on the steps of Portsmouth Guildhall and tributes laid to the 22 killed  

Picture: Keith Woodland (170679-027)

BLAISE TAPP: A painful few days after Manchester atrocity

It has been a painful last few days after the Manchester bombing atrocity, a period which has not only left the North of England numb with grief but has, understandably, left an entire nation on edge.

Ellie Price with her boyfriend, Liam Geoghegan   Picture: Habibur Rahman

‘It’ll be with me for the rest of my life’

Think of arthritis and it conjures up images of older people.

Real Life
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