Real Life

Real Life

STEVE CANAVAN: A real cliffhanger in the Lakes

The other day I found myself dangling precariously from a rope halfway up the face of a cliff, approximately 50 feet off the ground, my whole body shaking with fear.


New site changes the face of online dating

A NEW website looks set to change the world of online dating forever.

Martin Montague at his home in Swanmore   Picture: Sarah Standing (170555-6583)

‘I’m not ashamed of where I grew up’

There aren’t many people who have a rags-to-riches story quite like Martin Montague.

Real Life

Woman issues warning over fish wire allegations

A WOMAN has issued a warning to residents after finding fishing wire strung across the Millennium Bridge in Gosport

Gosport 1
A resident of Le Sap pulps apples at the towns cider festival. Below, Dive-sur-Mer, where William the Conqueror set off in 1066, on market day.

Black pudding, cider and a dollop of joie de vivre...

This weekend the French decide who will be their next president.

Real Life
Nikki Ayling as she is now   Picture: Malcolm Wells

‘I lost seven-and-a-half stone and ran the London Marathon’

Nikki Ayling is an inspiration for anyone who dreams of completing a marathon one day.

Real Life
Sam Willers

‘I thought that I was going to die’

Having a serious brain injury can change your life forever, as Sam Willers discovered four years ago.

Real Life 1

THIS WEEK IN 1996: Falling fireplace injures young boy

A 16-month-old boy was rushed to hospital with a broken wrist after a fireplace fell on him at his home.

One of the robots

HUNDREDS of Robot Wars fans will pack the Mountbatten Centre this weekend to see their favourite metallic creations go head-to-head.

Real Life
Mike Jackson working out with coach Ray Pharoah at Southern Legion, Hilsea

‘It’s changed my life absolutely...’

He is known to clubbers as the cool, fun-loving DJ, always ready with a great tune to rock the dance floor and some witty banter

An unlikely guardian, Lucy the boxer dog takes good care of her new kittens

THIS WEEK IN 1995: Boxer dog takes on family of six kittens

Cat-loathing Lucy the boxer dog got her hormones in a twist when she adopted six abandoned kittens.


THIS WEEK IN 1995: Experts may get a say in granting divorces

Couples who wanted a divorce might have had to face a panel of experts before being allowed to end their marriages, if reforms took place.

Lisa Murray, owner of Hotspot Yoga.  Picture: Sarah Standing (170461-5366)

Feeling good on the inside and outside with hot yoga

For some people, it is important to look and feel good on the outside.

Real Life 2
The Kings Theatre

Key figures aiming to bring Kings Theatre into 21st century

To the casual observer, it’s been business as usual at the Kings Theatre in Southsea. But behind the scenes there have been some big changes.

Theatre 1
Michael Coleman's family was left deeply saddened after his sudden death during the London Marathon. PPP-170418-121921001

THIS WEEK IN 1994: Family rocked by marathon tragedy

The devastated family of a super-fit long distance runner from Havant told of their shock at his sudden death during the London Marathon.

Crystal and her husband Wayne with their children (l-r) Lacie-Louise (4), Bradley (nine months), Rory (2) and Harvey (6).  Picture: Sarah Standing (170509-232)

‘Life can be difficult with a two-year-old who has epilepsy’

Walking into the Cannings’ family home, you hear the delightful sound of happy children laughing.

Stuart Piper with his wife Debbie and children Megan, 10, and 12-year-old Abigail  Picture: Sarah Standing (170385-8300)

‘Brain tumour diagnosis was incredibly hard to take in’

Receiving a terminal cancer diagnosis at the age of just 38 is a devastating blow.

Real Life 1

THIS WEEK IN 1993: Southsea mum glad to see sons after rescue

Thankful mum Maureen Crossley cuddled her sons in the wake of a Southsea sea drama and said: ‘I thought we would all drown.’

Annabelle Ryan with her springer spaniel Ollie.  Picture: Sarah Standing (170471-9213)

School for dogs where owners bone up on behaviour

Every dog is different.

They may be man’s best friend but, like us, they can’t always be treated in the same way.

Gamme Cepage Viognier 2015

ALISTAIR GIBSON: Some wines to celebrate the warmer days of spring

I think, technically, the English asparagus season starts on April 23, St George’s Day.

Real Life
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