Real Life

Real Life

‘Sometimes it’s so bad I can’t get out of bed’

When Samantha Curry takes her children to school every morning, she often finds she gets some strange looks from people as she sits in her wheelchair.

Real Life
Joseph Collins

Cheeky Joseph from Portsmouth is the winner of our cute kids contest

THIS is the face that melted our judges’ hearts.


THIS WEEK IN 1985: Mother urges son to come home after fire

A heartbroken Havant woman returned from a visit to her husband overseas to discover her house damaged by fire and no sign of her eldest son.

Mark and Kelly Robson

‘We got married in hospital after terminal cancer diagnosis’

When a couple marry, it’s an exciting time as they look forward to a long life together.

Real Life
Kim Bradshaw with her children, Olivia, seven, and Eli, two.  Picture: Habibur Rahman

‘I’m being a surrogate mum to give others the joy of having a family’

When Kim Bradshaw heard the sad news that a friend with cancer was unable to become pregnant, her mind was soon made up.

Real Life
Circus of Horrors

REVIEW: The Circus of Horrors - Kings Theatre, Southsea

When my colleagues in the office ask what I did over the weekend, I don’t think they will be quite prepared for my answer.

Magical maestro Jamie Raven

REVIEW: Jamie Raven Live - Ferneham Hall, Fareham

The magician who mesmerised Simon Cowell and successfully triumphed as runner-up for Britain’s Got Talent in 2015 Final came to Fareham to kick off his current tour.


‘It’s a challenging workout with a support network’

Take the word ‘military’ and team it up with ‘workout’.

Rev Williams says grief is not always short-term

Grief should never be dealt with alone

PEOPLE will always react differently to the loss of a loved one.

People build a wall with boxes during the service

Why building walls is never the answer

IT truly is amazing just how high you can build a wall simply by using cardboard boxes.

Havant 2

THIS WEEK IN 1982: Sting winkles were a problem for oysters

At least 200 fishermen involved in the Solent’s biggest thriving oyster industry faced the biggest threat to their livelihood in nearly 100 years.


THIS WEEK IN 1982: Family escaped blaze at Leigh Park home

A Leigh Park family of five escaped death by scrambling to safety from an upstairs window as fire ravaged their home early today.

The German Kalkstein Sauvignon Blanc is good value

Why you should try a German version of sauvignon blanc

A study of data from one of the UK’s leading online wine suppliers showed that among their customers, sauvignon blanc was by far and away their preferred choice of white grape varieties.

Food and Drink
Rachel Hyde Summers

‘I really didn’t think I would be accepted in Portsmouth’

When Rachel Hyde Summers stepped out on to the streets of Portsmouth as a woman for the first time, she feared the worst. What would people think?

Real Life 5
The Abbaye aux Hommes, built by William the Conqueror, in Caen. Picture: Emilie Ursule/ Normandy Regional Tourist Board

A foodie Segway tour through fascinating Caen

It’s a city of soaring spires and high culture, steeped in history and with a serious obsession with food.

Members of the Pompey in the Community Walking Football Club in action

You’ll never walk alone - football for the over-40s

It’s the beautiful game – without all the running.

Real Life

‘Archie has been fighting all his life’

The effects of chemotherapy couldn’t stop Archie Lowe celebrating his seventh birthday.

People 1
Michelle Bavin as she is today

A year ago I was a size 26 - now I’m a size 12!

Losing weight and getting fit is a new year resolution for many people.

For some it stems from a desire to be slimmer and, for others, exercise is a way to feel good and tackle stress.

Real Life
Dominic Bellman from Leigh Park with his daughter Elsie Bellman, four. His wife Sabrina was killed in a car accident while the family were on holiday 
Picture: Ian Hargreaves (162730-3)

Grieving dad says life after Sabrina is ‘a bad dream’

A DEVASTATED widower has described the struggles he has faced during the past year without his late wife, saying it has been like ‘living in a bad dream.’

Gosport 8
Karen Reeve, right, won The News One Christmas Day competition after her mum Diane, left, told her to send us the picture she took of her brother and niece on Christmas Day

Aunty captures the perfect moment and wins The News’ One Christmas Day competition

A SPONTANEOUS picture of a moment in which laughter was shared by a son, his daughter, and everyone else in the room.

Waterlooville 5
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