A dino-mite prize to celebrate new movie

Chipper dino
Chipper dino
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Grrr – no I’m not angry this week, my friends. I’m just practising my best growl ready for meeting some dinosaurs.

I think I’d scare off a tyrannosaurus rex if I made that noise. What do you think?

Okay, what about if I put up my paws and threatened to give him a good bop in the nose?

I know, I know, I’m not that menacing. So it’s a good job I’m not meeting any real dinosaurs.

Instead I’m looking forward to a film all about the powerful prehistoric creatures.

It’s called Walking With Dinosaurs. I don’t know about that. Despite, all my tough talk, I’d be more likely to run away from them – whimpering with my tail between my legs.

I know there are loads of dinosaur fans out there who will be wanting to see the film which comes out in a couple of weeks.

And we have a great competition for you to enter too.

But first, how about colouring in this picture to get you in the mood for finding out more about those massive creatures.

If you want to make it less scary, how about a multicoloured monster?

I think even this frightening fellow would look funny coloured pink and covered in blue spots.

And finally here’s a fact to tell your friends and really impress them. Did you know dinosaurs ruled the Earth for more than 160 million years?

Until next week, it’s chip chip for now.

Chipper x