A great party for Rosie’s birthday

Rosie Stubbs at her birthday party

Rosie Stubbs at her birthday party

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The snow might be fun but a lot of party-organising parents were worried when the flakes fell.

Rosie Stubbs’s mum Lisa thought guests might not be able to make it to the four-year-old’s birthday celebrations.

But by the Saturday before last, Portsmouth’s roads had cleared up and 20 friends and relatives had fun at Portsmouth Rugby Club function room.

The same can’t be said for Rosie’s princess castle cake which was delayed by weather and arrived after the party was over.

But the birthday girl wasn’t too disappointed. ‘We had to quickly buy another cake but it meant she ended up with two so she didn’t mind really,’ said Lisa.

Rosie and her guests enjoyed party games organised by children’s entertainer and magician Silly Scott and then watched a show full of impressive tricks.

Rosie helped out and received a magic wand for being such a good assistant.

n Picture: sillyscott.co.uk

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