A Halloween party for the Underwoods

The Underwood family celebrating Halloween

The Underwood family celebrating Halloween

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Parents and toddlers from the Christ Church Hall group in Widley, after Daryn Brewer presented them with 40 brand new safety mugs. The mugs will be used for parents' and carers' hot tea and coffee during their weekly social meetings.

CAPTION: Parents and toddlers from the Christ Church Hall group in Widley

Generous donation to help parent and toddler group

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The Underwood family love getting together for a good party – and Halloween provided the perfect excuse.

This year’s scare-fest took place at Leslie Underwood’s home in Buckland, Portsmouth, and he really went to town on decorating the inside and outside of the house.

Leslie decorated every room, including the downstairs toilet, hanging spiders, skeletons and ghosts from the ceilings. He was so determined to get the spooky atmosphere right that he even went to the trouble of covering the walls and ceilings with black paper and cobwebs. Pictured here on the back row are Beverley and Les Underwood senior with their grandchildren Alice Langford, 17, Lewis Langford, 15, and 13-year-old Jake Outen. On the front row are grandchildren Aidan Outen, 10, Sophia Underwood, eight, Callum Outen, 17 and nine-year-old Robbie Underwood.

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