August 2011 - Best Garden

Daisy Ellenor, stands under her 9ft 6in sunflower

Daisy Ellenor, stands under her 9ft 6in sunflower


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CATCH LINE: Real Life Susie 

Wessex Cancer Centre, 77-79 The High Street Cosham.

STORY: Susie Railson, 59, is suffering from stage 3 breast cancer. She is a user of the Wessex Cancer Centre in Cosham.

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‘Cancer has changed my outlook on life’

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Even her name is a type of flower.

And Daisy Ellenor has proven she has a case of green fingers.

The youngster loves gardening and has a miniature garden at her home.

And although her garden maybe small – a huge sunflower has sprouted from it.

The 10-year-old, of Devonshire Avenue, Southsea, has grown her own sunflower.

And the sun-worshipping plant stands at an impressive height of 9ft 6ins – almost double the size of young Daisy.

But that’s not all you’ll find in her backyard.

She also grows spring onions, peppers, herbs and other colourful flowers in a patch of the main family garden.

Mum Samantha, 40, said: ‘She’s always loved gardening and has plans to grow more next year.’

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